Badger survey and mitigation

Ecological mitigation and compensation planning & implementation | Habitat and fauna surveys

Applied Ecology has extensive experience in the survey and assessment of badger Meles meles, and regularly undertakes badger sett and field sign surveys to inform development planning across the UK.

Where large-scale development could result in significant land loss, we can undertake badger clan territory mapping using bait-marking survey techniques to assess impacts of development on the integrity of the badger population.

Applied Ecology can advise, plan and implement badger mitigation and sett compensation under licence from the relevant statutory nature conservation organization, and are a registered users of Natural England’s CL35 badger licence that allows badgers to be excluded from setts and sett removal between 1 July and 30 November.

  1. Artificial badger sett construction to compensate the loss of a main breeding sett located under a derelict prefabricated building in Essex
  2. Badger nest chamber construction within an artificial sett
  3. One-way badger proof gate and chain-link fencing installed under WL25 Natural England licence to temporarily exclude badgers from an outlier sett entrance prior to construction related disturbance activity close to the sett that could have resulted in the collapse of the sett tunnel system
  4. We use infrared trap cameras to record badger activity at a sett entrances to confirm if the sett is active
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