Guidance for the Decommissioning of Onshore Wind Turbines

Research and Guidance for the Decommissioning of Onshore Wind Turbines, Scotland

Ecologists from AEL have been working with SLR Consulting to produce Best Practice Guidance in relation to the decommissioning of onshore wind turbines, as part of a research project funded by Scottish Natural Heritage and Scottish Renewables. We have been involved in a number of workshop events aimed at developers, planners and technical specialists where we sought to understand the
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Brown long-eared bat survey

AEL bat survey images: Brown long-eared bat

Applied Ecology Ltd is currently assisting a church near Peterborough with bat mitigation planning associated with the roof and internal structural repair. Below is a photograph of the brown long-eared bat identified by AEL during our initial inspection of the church.

Busy with bat surveys!

Applied Ecology Ltd is currently actively involved in bat surveys and bat roost mitigation planning. In 2013 we have recorded barbastelle Barbastella barbastellus bat roosts in a number of barns across Cambridgeshire and Essex.

Olympic and Legacy Mountain Bike Courses

Background Applied Ecology Ltd has provided specialist ecological input into the Olympic and Legacy mountain bike courses at Home Farm and Hadleigh Country Park, Essex. Our involvement has included protected species survey and mitigation advice during construction of the Olympic mountain bike trail, in particular relating to badgers and hobby, and the preparation of a habitat management strategy and plan
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