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We are officially in the bat survey season!

Now is the time to schedule your bat surveys

In the UK, bats hibernate from October through to April. During hibernation, they need roosts that are cool and remain at a constant temperature. As such, they often hibernate in underground sites, such as caves.

The rest of the year, when they are active, bats change their roosting habits and instead seek warm, dry locations, which often results in them choosing to roost in association with man-made structures and/or trees. As a result of this change in roosting behaviour, any building demolition, tree felling or other development works carried out during the bat active period runs the risk of killing/injuring bats and destroying their roosts, all of which are illegal acts in the UK.

For this reason it is essential that all development sites are surveyed prior to the onset of construction works in order to assess their potential to support protected bat species.

Building inspections can be carried out at any time of the year, but in order to be conclusive, bat activity surveys to prove the presence/absence of roosting bats on a site must be undertaken during the bat active period, which is from May to September inclusive (with May to August being optimal).

Soprano pipitrelle

Soprano pipitrelle Pipistrellus pygmaeus

We are experts in bat survey and mitigation

At Applied Ecology Ltd we have a wealth of experience in bat survey and mitigation and have successfully applied for Natural England mitigation licences on behalf of a range of clients, to enable bat mitigation on both small- and large-scale projects across England.

Click the link below to read about one of our large-scale bat mitigation projects:

Bat mitigation – Royal Arthur Park, Wiltshire