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UK BREEAM & CfSH Assessment


Applied Ecology Ltd provides specialised ecological input for UK BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) and Code for Sustainable Homes assessments.  Our survey and reporting abilities meet the specific requirements of each assessment process and Applied Ecology Ltd consultants meet the required Suitably Qualified Ecologist (SQE) criterion.

BREEAM and the Code for Sustainable Homes are used to assess the environmental performance of both new and existing buildings. BREEAM assessment is regarded by the UK’s construction and property sectors as the measure of best practice in environmental design and management.

BREEAM assessment methods cover a range of building types including offices, industrial buildings, schools and multi-residential developments. For new housing, the assessment process is known as the Code for Sustainable Homes. The Government has confirmed that, as of 1st May 2008, it is mandatory for all new homes to be assessed using the Code.

In both types of assessment, a number of credit points are available under different categories e.g. Energy, Transport and Water. The performance of a development is assessed against each of these categories and an overall rating awarded, depending on the number of credit points achieved. Some planning authorities request new developments to meet a minimum rating under this scheme.

Credit points are available under the Ecology category (referred to as Land Use and Ecology in BREEAM) for both Code and BREEAM assessments. Some of these credits are only available following a site visit and production of a report by a Suitably Qualified Ecologist (SQE). Specialist input is required for various components of the assessment such as the current ecological value of the site, where and how features of ecological value can be retained and protected and how the site can be enhanced for ecology following development.

Radcliffe Infirmary site BREEAM assessment University of Oxford Estates Department


Applied Ecology Ltd can provide you with a SQE to undertake a site survey and produce an appropriate report to fulfil this requirement. Our reporting style has been developed in line with the guidelines produced by BRE covering each assessment type. This results in a clear output giving our results and recommendations together with an outline of the likely ecological credit points available. We can also provide management plans to ensure the steps taken to benefit biodiversity are sustainable for at least five years post development.


Our wealth of experience of BREEAM and Code projects covers many different development types ranging from individual homes to large-scale housing schemes and commercial developments. We have also worked with landscape designers and architects to develop suitable planting schemes to maximise the credit points available for a positive change in ecological value.

Greenwich Maritime Museum development BREEAM assessment

Greenwich Maritime Museum development BREEAM assessment