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Site Walkover (Biodiversity Survey)

Also often referred to as a ‘Biodiversity Survey’, an initial walkover ecological appraisal of a site (that can be completed at any time of year) is often enough to confirm to a Local Planning Authority that there are no overriding ecological issues associated with developing the land.

During a walkover survey, Applied Ecology Ltd ecologists search and record areas of semi-natural habitat and other habitats of potential biodiversity value having first reviewed the site using maps and web-based aerial photography.  A search for field evidence of protected animal species, and species with elevated biodiversity interest is also completed as part of the survey. In the absence of field evidence, an assessment of habitat suitability for important species is made using the ecologists’ professional judgment.

Plant species-lists are often compiled during a site walkover.  If required, Applied Ecology Ltd can additionally complete a more detailed Phase 1 habitat survey of the habitats contained within the site boundary and produce a Phase 1 habitat map for the site.

Usually a short report is produced for the client, which highlights any potential ecological issues and makes recommendations as to appropriate next steps.

An AEL ecologist makes notes on biodiversity during site walkover