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Inverness Airport Business Park

Inverness Airport Business Park Limited was submitting an outline planning application for development of a business park on land close to Inverness Airport. The development was subject to an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), the findings of which were to be reported in the form of an Environmental Statement (ES).

IABP Masterplan

Applied Ecology Ltd was commissioned by Moray Estates Development Company Ltd to carry out the appropriate surveys and complete Technical Annex 3 of the ES, which deals with matter relating to ecology.

Surveys completed

As part of this work, Applied Ecology Ltd completed surveys for the following species and species groups:

  • Habitats and higher plants
  • Great crested newt
  • Otter
  • Water vole
  • Red squirrel
  • Bats
  • Badger
  • Breeding & wintering birds

Phase 1 Habitat map produced by Applied Ecology Ltd as part of the habitats survey:

Phase 1 Habitat map

Resulting document

The findings of all these surveys were reported as part of the Technical Annex document, alongside a breakdown of the relevant planning policies and descriptions of all nearby Statutory Sites for Nature Conservation.

The document concluded with an Ecological Impact Assessment (EcIA), presenting all of the potential ecological effects of the proposed development on each of the surveyed species/species groups and describing appropriate mitigation where necessary.

Badger Protection Plan

In addition to Technical Annex 3, in consultation with Scottish Natural Heritage, a development-specific Badger Protection Plan was produced, based on completing a bait-marking territory-mapping exercise with the aim of establishing the territory ranges of different badger social groups within the development site.