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Badger sett relocation

Applied Ecology has designed and built a replacement badger sett in preparation for the relocation of a family group of badgers from under a school building in Essex. The sett was specifically located to meet site constraints and maximise the chance of it being taken up by the badger group that need to be re-homed.  The sett was constructed by Applied Ecology ecologists in March 2015, and its use by badgers has been monitored using infra-red trail cameras set up at the new sett entrances.

Badger sett construction

Applied Ecology Ltd constructing a replacement badger sett.

Completed badger sett

Completed badger sett with trap cameras to monitor the newly constructed sett.


The cameras filmed badgers from the school site investigating and entering the new sett on the very first night after construction, and video footage has also verified day time occupation by two badgers 10 days after construction.  Up to five different badgers have been filmed making night-time use of the sett, and the chances of a successful badger exclusion and relocation from the school building later in the year appear to be good.  A Natural England licence to legally exclude the badgers from under the school will be applied for, and the work to relocate the badgers undertaken during the period July-November in line with best practice guidance.